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We are excited for the Teanaway 12hr Adventure Race next week!  We’re really stoked about this course.  It hasThis course has some epicamazing views, but you will have to climb to see them!


The Start and Finish for the race will be at the Teanaway Campground Day Use Area, which is just past the campground and over the bridge, where the paved road ends.  The day use area is down a short road towards the river. You can park down and along the short road, or if it is full, up along the paved road.  A WA State Discover Pass is required for parking.


Free camping is available at the Teanaway Campground, about a 5 min walk from the Start/Finish. It is a primitive campground, very open with no defined camping spots.  There are pit toilets, but no water.  You’ll need to pack all your water in, or filter from the river.


This race is planned to be 11hrs long and has a 12hr course cutoff. An average team should be able to get all of the regular checkpoints within the 12hr cutoff time. Some teams will also be able to get one or more Pro Checkpoints to improve their standings. We will also have section cutoffs along the course to keep you on track if you are going a bit slow.

  • Check-in will open at 7:00am on Saturday, where you’ll receive your maps and passport.
  • Pre-race briefing will be 7:30am
  • Race will start promptly at 8:00am.
  • Finishers are expected between 7:00 – 8:00pm and the course cutoff at 8:00pm.

We will have lots of food and drinks available for you when you finish the race.

Checkout the detailed schedule on our website.


You will be issued one set of maps with pre-plotted Checkpoints, with extra maps available for other team members on normal paper. There will not be any replacement maps so take good care of them. You may NOT use any outside maps during map study or on the course.

We will be using custom Krank relief shaded maps with 10ft contours printed on Rite in the Rain paper.  We have worked extensively on mapping the race area, and we believe we have the most accurate and up-to-date maps for this area. However, as with all backcountry maps, they are never 100% accurate, as new trails pop-up and old trails and roads disappear.  This is one of the added challenges of Adventure Racing.

Our maps depict 5 types of roads/paths on the map: paved, unpaved primary, track, path, and faint path/indistinct/old.  These should be self-explanatory on the maps by the styling.

Checkpoints (CPs)

To help us maximize our pre-race work effort and time, we have used ribbons for the CPs. We use an orange survey ribbon with a large piece of highly reflective tape on them. We will show you samples of the ribbons at the pre-race briefing. On each ribbon will be a number, which will correspond to a number for the CP on your passport. There will also be a word, which you will have to write on your passport to prove that you visited the CP. In case a ribbon goes missing during the race, and you are sure that you are in the correct location, take a picture of the site where you think the ribbon is missing and inform race staff.

When locating CPs, our goal is that you can fairly easily find them if you are in the correct spot. We are usually not intentionally trying to hide them, unless it is a popular area, in which case it will be a bit more hidden, like the backside of a tree.


Each team will receive ONE passport printed on Rite in the Rain paper. For each checkpoint, the passport will have a clue describing where to look and what to look for. It will indicate the ribbon number that you should verify and have a space to write down the word that you find on the ribbon. Take very good care of your passport. It is required gear for the team. Make sure to bring a writing instrument that can write on waterproof paper, like a Sharpie pen.  A pencil is always a good backup, and works pretty well.

Course Notes


The race will start with Mountain Biking and transition to Trekking at a remote Transition Area, followed by Mountain Biking back to the Start/Finish Area. No special gear is required for this event.  You will make multiple river crossings on your bike, so you’re feet will get wet. Plan accordingly.

Transition Areas (TAs) / TA Bins

There will be one Remote Transition Area, to go from Bike to Trek, then back to Bike.

Each team may use one TA duffel bag, which we will collect prior to the race start. We will transport your TA bag to the TA. The TA bag will be available to you while you are transitioning.

Please do not make your TA bag too heavy, as we have to lug them around. Do NOT put water in your TA bag. We will have water for you at the TA. You MUST label or write your team name on your TA bag.


This is in Eastern WA in August. It will be hot & dry! You must be able to carry at least 2 Liters of water on the course.  We will provide drinking water that you can use for a fill up at the Remote Transition Area.  You will come across streams and rivers, which you can filter and use if you’d like.

Pro Checkpoints and Race Scoring

Some CPs will be designated as Pro CPs and will be optional. That designation generally means that they will be harder than other CPs and that they were not included in the 12hr time calculation.  You can get ProCPs at any time during that section of the course, they don’t have to be in order.

Teams will be ranked by total number of Regular and Pro CPs visited, and then by finish time.

Course Cutoffs

We will designate several Time Guide/Cutoff times at different points in the course. If you arrive at that location after the cutoff time, you will have to either skip a subset or all the CPs on the next section of the course.  If you finish the race after the Course Cutoff, there will be steep penalties, up to and possibly disqualification.

HQ / TA Staffing / Medical

The Race HQ and the Remote Transition Area will be staffed during the race.  First aid will be available at both locations.  If you have a life threatening emergency, call 911.  In cases where you do not have cell service, get to a TA or send someone to a TA to get help. We will have a communication plan in place to call in support if needed.


You can call race HQ at any time should you encounter a problem. Verizon has a lot better cell phone coverage in the course area, but many sections do not have cell coverage at all. Our race phone number will be printed on all of your maps.  We will also have GMRS radios on Channel 16.

It is STRONGLY recommended to bring an FRS/GMRS radio for emergencies. If you are racing Solo, it is REQUIRED.  We will be tuned to GMRS Channel 16, and will have coverage throughout the course.


We always try to create navigation choices where possible. Only about 25% of the Trek is on roads/trails, the rest you will have to navigate cross country, there are no trails or roads to get you there, or they are very long options. Make sure you have the proper navigational tools and know how to use them.  The maps will show True North, you’ll need to know how to take into account declination.

If you’re not confident in your ability to navigate cross-country with a map and compass, please practice ahead of time. There are great YouTube videos to help you with this.


The weather will most likely be hot and dry.  Long range forecast has temperatures in the mid 80s.  Bring proper sun protection and water carrying capacity.


There will be plenty of bushwhacking and off-trail travel. Much of the country is fairly open but ravines can get quite thick. You may want to bring leg protection.


There are no real hazards on this course, except for a couple steeper slopes you’ll be on during the trek, and some skinny bike singletrack on steep slopes.  The river crossings will never get higher than your knees.


In years past we’ve seen bears, but none this year.  However, you should still be prepared to come across any number of wild animals in the area: bears, cougars, bobcats.


We have worked hard to secure all the necessary permits for this event.  Please be courteous and respectful to anyone that you come across during the race whether they are another user of the wilderness or an official. Leaving a good impression with them helps us to put on races in the future. We have a leave no trace policy, so pack everything out.

Other Safety Notes

Please review the rules on our website before heading up for the race. It would be a shame for your team to be disqualified because you did not know about a rule.

You MUST let us know before you leave the course. If you leave early, be sure to let race staff know and be sure that they call it in to HQ. If we do not know that you left the course, we will come to find you and you may get stuck with a large bill for Search and Rescue operations.

No roads or trails are closed to other users for this event.  You can expect to encounter other bikers, runners, horsemen, and motorcycles, so share the road/trail and race politely. With horses, it is usually best to pull well over and get down off your bike when passing as they can be easily spooked by the large appearance that you present when on a bike.


Teams don’t fail because they have too little gear.  They fail because they bring the wrong gear.  Our required gear is minimal. We would consider it a starting point and you should decide what is right for you.  See the gear list on our website for more information. Make sure to drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any gear questions.

There is often a question about GPS devices. You may use a simple GPS device to record your track. You must stow it in your pack prior to starting the race and you may not take it out or use it in any way during the race and until after you finish. You may use a wrist GPS watch, but you aren't allowed to view the GPS information on the watch.  Any other use of GPS will be cause for disqualification of your team.

Families and Friends

If your families or friends would like to come check out the race, they are welcome to hang out at the HQ to wait for your finish. We can also point them up to the remote TA and other possible locations to see you during the race.

You may NOT get any support of any type from anyone during the race unless they are on your team or are race staff.