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Results for the June 6, 2017 Union Bay Weeknight Adventure Race

NEW SCORING METHOD FOR 2017!!  Krank Adventure Races are scored such that the highest score is the best score, which is your total number of CPs minus any penalties.  In the case of a tie, the lowest finish time will win.


Place Team Name Final Score Team Members
1 Quest AR 41 Brent Molsberry, Kristen Mckenzie
2 Team Tall 40 Tommy Lingbloom, Kevin Terpstra
3 Krank 38 Thomas Berry, Cy Sack, Tabby Cavendish
4 Kellen & Questerias 38 Dusty Caseria, Emily Caseria, Tyler Caseria, Kellen Oetgen
5 Go 37 Kent Kuntz, Berger Dodge
6 Manny's Old School 35 Colin Ness, Connie Ness
7 To Be Confirmed 34 Tim Mundon, Andrew Cole
8 Tank Top 33 Brian Schoener, Matt Hoffmann
9 TallieMark 33 Tallie Menzie, Mark Menzie
10 Runcity 30 Konstantin Titukh
11 Bump it Up 30 Jill Purcell, Aaron Rinn, Jennifer Jerabek
12 Flatliners 29 Matt Anderson, Sherri Brady
13 Yason_Natalia 29 Natalia Beketova, Yason Khaburzaniya
14 Runny Bums 27 Rich Chiodo, Jim Griesmer, Richard Keen
15 Krautwald 27 Peter Krautwald, Ben Krautwald
16 Beach Owls 26 Kellina Stamm, Curtis Wen, Andrew Cairns, Talia Hirsch, John Abanador
17 DewOvers 24 Rod Putney, Jim Probala, Steve Absalonson
18 No More Water Bottles 20 Susan Fleenor, Diane Hayes
19 Owl Tribe 12 Jonas Jonsson, Frauke John, David Tschetter, Sarah Rose Bernhardt
20 MerGeo** 32 Eric Bone
21 Dart** 28 Matt Hayes

** Missed the canoe section


Please send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you see any errors or omissions.

You can download the full Results file, to see all the splits, penalties and bonus times.